our manifesto

A positive, sustainable future is within our grasp. We all have a role in repairing our planet and we believe when sustainable decisions are simple and engaging, everyone will do their bit. 


There has undoubtedly been a global awakening that our consumption of fossil fuels and plastics and emissions of carbon are unsustainable, but jargon and complexity have created barriers to action that only the most committed eco-warrior has been able to navigate. The rest of us are left wanting to do more, but not knowing where to start or who to trust.   


Our mission is to simplify sustainability, with world-class projects to heal our planet and clear no-nonsense tools and advice to help you understand and reduce your environmental footprint.


We believe that living a more sustainable life can mean living a full life. Sustainability doesn’t mean we can’t live in warm homes, travel or eat wonderful foods. By making a few key choices in the way in which we do these things, we can enjoy life without compromising the planet. 


Our commitment to you is that we will always recommend pragmatic choices we genuinely believe will make the most difference.